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Seaton Partners is a Microsoft Gold Competency partner for Dynamics 365 (formerly known as Dynamics AX) ERP Solutions.

Based in the UK, with international reach.

Started by Adam Seaton in 2007, we have grown steadily to build a very specialist group of business and technical experts. We continually invest in our knowledge and expertise to ensure we provide the very best professional services around the product and it’s technologies.

We only deal with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product suite, until recently called Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the associated stack of technologies. Our services include implementing new full lifecycle projects, project recovery, niche project resources, support and managed services.

Meet our full team below…

Our Team of Experts

Adam Seaton

Managing Director & Consultant Read Bio
Finance, projects and inventory costing

With 20 years’ experience and 50+ roll-outs under my belt, I specialise in Microsoft Dynamics. Vitally, I’ve seen life on both sides of the fence as a user and a consultant.

The result is that I’ve gained an in-depth experience of how Microsoft Dynamics best fits different business scenarios.  I spend a little less time at the coal face these days but I remain passionate about building great solutions and, when the team let me, I maintain a real hands-on mentality.  I consider it a bonus that I get to manage a team that share a great culture and values.

As The Company passes its tenth birthday in 2017, I now look at the technology we can bring to bear for our clients and it is genuinely an exciting time for us.  With Microsoft investing heavily in the product and a delivery team at the top of their game, the outlook is very bright.

So if you have a business challenge and think Microsoft Dynamics could be a solution, I’d love to talk it through with you.

Sara Bliss

Project Director Read Bio
Organising the troops; yours and ours

It is hard for me to print that I have over 30 years’ business experience working in both independent and blue chip companies, because I am surely not that old.

Most of these years have been working on business improvement and implementing lean processes. Sharing the full project goal and coaching staff on the benefits of being part of the team is what I enjoy. After working as part of a large Dynamics AX implementation team and qualifying in PRINCE 2, I followed my strengths and moved into Project Management. It was a good call, I love it.

Simon Langdown

Finance Director and Application Consultant Read Bio
Finance and projects

I worked in Finance for 20 years in a variety of industries before joining Seaton Partners.

The essential part of those roles was always to get relevant, accurate information to the people in organisations who make decisions. In a consultative role I find this is no different.

My first experience with Dynamics AX came as an end user and I still use it every day. This is where I help the finance teams on site the most; I have a lot of empathy with the users and speak the same language as them – numbers are universal.

I avidly believe in the benefits of properly implementing and using Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 for Operations. Combining that with my intrinsic financial traits, I provide a complementary element to the team.

Andrew Clift

Technical Director Read Bio
Integrations, development and architecture

From a very young age I have loved computers. My earliest technology memories are of coding on a Spectrum and Commodore, then praying it would save to cassette.

When higher education called it seemed a natural choice to pair business and software development.

It was this combination, along with my love of challenges and ability to absorb new concepts and ideas that led to me starting my career as a developer specialising in ERP systems integration in 2001.

The path I have travelled has given me experience of all aspects of the software lifecycle and added many parts of the Microsoft technology stack to my armoury.

These skills enable me to tackle and resolve complex software and technical issues, deliver result and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Stephen Wong

Application Consultant Read Bio
Finance, projects and Talent

After finishing my BEng Mechanical Engineering, I delved into the world of ERP systems by completing a MSc Enterprise Systems Management.  My first exposure in the wold of Dynamics was being part of a global roll out team for a Dynamics 2009 project. After jumping the fence to consultancy I have really broadened my exposure to new working practices in different industries, ranging from manufacturing to media industries. Even though my working time has been short my overall knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX and how best to use it has grown immensely across the system but especially within projects and financials.

Being a driven individual I am always eager to look for the next challenge.  New technologies and the Cloud world mean the learning curve continues to be steep, but I thrive knowing that I am able to help make a difference to individuals and businesses during our projects.

Peter Hao

Application Consultant Read Bio
Logistics, production and business intelligence

Over the decade, I have been working with Dynamics AX in various versions from AX4 to Dynamics 365, as a user and a consultant.  I have gained experience in business processes, logistics, production and business intelligence during my 10 full lifecycle global implementations as well as many recovery and support projects, across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. I am also very interested in the new technologies such as cloud and mobile applications. 

I am so glad that we have great products and technology to work with nowadays, but I truly believe good understanding of the business requirements, good change management and communications are the critical factors for successful ERP projects.

I am enjoying what I do because I am willing to provide solutions to make business improvements and also make people’s life easier.

Kendall Langdown

Resources & Contracts Manager Read Bio

With a few years of procurement and logistics experience behind me it was a natural choice when joining the Seaton Partners team to assist with PMO support.  I ensure that all the back-office work is carried out so our front line team are free focus on your project.

After being introduced to AX as a user back in 2012 I have expanded my knowledge base across multiple modules. This has given me an understanding to the importance of correct information and following best practice process.  After all, we use the software ourselves and we like to walk-the-walk.

Maciej Obojski

Developer Read Bio
Complex development and integrations

When the technology decides to ruin your day again, then I hope I’m your man.  Stands sentinel ensuring code quality, whilst still having a lot of fun writing the code. And don’t forget the beard. Professionally deep in Dynamics world for past 10 years and counting.  I’ve tried to dig into every single aspect of the software ensuring that delivered code gets the job done with sterling accuracy.

I embrace the cloud technology, but ensure we don’t forget the roots: strong .NET background and AX experience ranging back to version 3.0.  Such skillset allows smooth transition of your business into new technologies. Not a fan of data migration, but apparently I’m quite good at it.

Guitar player, sailor, hiker and pretty decent cook in my free time, complete with Eastern European accent and British sense of humour.

Jon Tanner

Application Consultant Read Bio
Operations, logistics and CRM

My Microsoft Dynamics AX journey began back in 2008 working as an end user of AX4. My exposure to the product was broadened greatly by being part of a huge implementation of AX2009 for a multi-national company.  Working closely with employees from all ranks of business, from senior management to shop floor I was able to listen, understand requirements and challenges, and assist in providing solutions through the ERP.

It was a natural progression into consultancy to share my experiences and help to deliver successful solutions to new customers.

Throughout my career, I have been labelled as a people person, always happy to help.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Pauline Rock

Project Manager Read Bio
Delivering great projects

My professional journey commenced as a Design Engineer with an American engineering consultancy based in London. Over several years the role saw a metamorphosis into a career in Project Management, due to my fascination with how technologies transform businesses.

I have been very privileged to combine my career with a passion for travel. Projects in Europe, USA, The Middle East and India across various industry sectors have provided me with a wealth of international experience and added to my diverse project portfolio. I thoroughly enjoy building relationships at all levels of an organisation, communicating and managing the cultural change during a project lifecycle. Outside of work I also utilise my project management skills to organise fundraising events for various charities.

With ‘Cloud’ and ‘Digital transformation’ front and centre right now, I am delighted to be a Project Manager working with some exciting Microsoft technologies.

Einar Larusson

Developer Read Bio

As a kid a had a Sinclair Spectrum 64K which was a beast at that time since it had so much memory. With the spectrum came a book with code examples to draw all kinds of shapes and colours on the TV. At this time my interest in computers and programming kicked in and everything that had to do with technology interested me.

Directly after graduation I started to work with Axapta 2.5 and 3.0 and now I have worked on all major versions up to the latest Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. What I love most about working with all these different versions of Axapta, Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 is the problem solving on a broad scope. I thrive on challenging tasks and complicated designs where the solution and the end result is not clear in the beginning. But then the pieces start to come together like in a 5,000-piece puzzle and after a while we have the whole picture.

I love to work with other people on implementations or product development. My motto and rule in live is that we should have fun while doing our work and in stressful scenarios such as before go-live it helps to have a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere in the team.

I am Icelandic born and bred in a small town out site of Reykjavík. Before me and my whole family relocated to the UK, I dedicated my free time as a volunteer Search And Rescue worker. I am in my element on top of the Icelandic glaciers in -20°C and a snowstorm.


Karun Subramanian

Technical Architect Read Bio

Yuan Yee Yim

Developer Read Bio
Complex development and new module build

I started work on dynamics AX 4 and have now progressed through to the latest version of Dynamics 365. I’ve worked with partners and as a technical lead at a large global end user. My skill set is not only limited on AX development but I also enjoy working on performance tuning for complex/large AX environment.

Originally from Malaysia, and more recently working in Hong Kong, I joined Seaton Partners in 2018.  I have the passion for the latest technology and I find Seaton Partners a great opportunity for me to move further my expertise and develop my career with UK and European based clients. I consider myself a good team member for the project, always trying to suggest and provide a better way to handle the business processes from a technical point of view.

I look forward to providing stable, great performance solution for you based on my professional knowledge on this area. Client system stability and performance are always the priority for me.

Gemma Thornley

HR Manager Read Bio

With many years of HR experience working within large organisations, I was keen to take a new career path, to work as part of a smaller organisation where I could make a difference by advising and guiding individuals on a local level.  It was also appealing to support an expanding business and grow with them.  The opportunity within Seaton Partners covers all of this and more, enabling me to work on a part time basis and also spend valuable time with my daughter.

I was first introduced to Microsoft Dynamics upon joining the business and have since supported the implementation of the Talent module in-house.  We now use Microsoft Talent as our HR system and soon will be adding more advanced ‘Attract’ and ‘On boarding’ functions to make the tool an all-round People Management System.  This is very new and exciting and a totally different system to those I’ve used in the past, but one I very much like and am keen to learn more in the future.


Hayley Small

Application Consultant Read Bio
Logistics, production & Talent

When asked about what career path I’d like to go down upon leaving school, I couldn’t give an answer. I knew higher education wasn’t for me, but the previous seven years of intense learning and hard work had been so ingrained into my routine that I ended up going to work for, perhaps oddly, a multi-national aerospace company. It was the best thing I could have done.

After three years experience within logistics and production teams, I joined the internal team involved with implementing AX2012. My Super User role touched all areas of the business; taking the lead in completing process guides, testing processes and development, providing the introductory training to all end users, and as the first point of call when it came to support. Finally, I knew which path I wanted to take.

Now, after 14 months travelling around the world, I have begun my career as an Application Consultant.  Within my first month, I have been one-half of a team that successfully implemented Dynamics 365 for Talent. I am excited to delve deeper into the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Talent and find out where my speciality lies. But for now, I’m keeping my learning broad and soaking up everything I can about the Dynamics community.


Alex Panait

Developer Read Bio

Nicola Longshaw

Assistant Accountant Read Bio
Assistant Accountant

I currently have 12 years experience working within accounts and I have mainly worked for medium sized businesses, dealing in property management. Recently, my family and I moved back to Derbyshire from Oxfordshire, where I have spent the last 12 years. The role of Assistant Accountant within Seaton Partners attracted me due to the wide variety of tasks I deal with on a day-to-day basis, along with the opportunity to work closely with the Finance Director.

This is the first time I’ve been introduced to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and I am impressed. I feel the system is really user-friendly and adaptable, especially in finance functions. I look forward to growing my knowledge and expertise within the system over the coming months.

David Downes

Application Consultant Read Bio
Experienced finance consultant and reporting guru

Jay Rana

Application Consultant Read Bio

I have enjoyed a 15-year career across a number of industries in finance and commercial roles. The new leap into consultancy has been a breath of fresh air and an opportunity I could not refuse.

My first exposure to Dynamics AX involved leading a team to formulate a data migration and master data solution for a Greenfield project implementing AX 2012 R3 with a major food manufacturer.

The cyclical challenges of month/year end and budgeting/forecasting have made me all too familiar with the frustrations of the end user.  The urgency of providing accurate and insightful information for leadership teams has always been a challenge – a challenge I love finding solutions for.  Working with best in class of systems and tools is a great starting point!

Leveraging my years and experience in finance combined with a desire to continually evolve with best practice in IT systems and to learn new technologies, I believe my journey of delivering solutions and overcoming challenges has taken a great path.

Out of work I am an avid fan of racket sports and a keen photographer. I have a passion for traveling and music.

BI Analyst

September 27 Read Bio

Senior Finance Consultant

October Read Bio

Senior Finance Consultant

October Read Bio

Senior Supply Chain Consultant

November Read Bio

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