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We’re Seaton Partners. A Microsoft Gold Competency Partner based in the UK with a global reach. We deliver complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions. We license, implement, integrate, optimise and manage with specialisms in cloud-based ERP, Microsoft 365 for Talent, Power BI and Power Apps (xRM/CE/CRM).

We’re honest, ambitious, pragmatic. We manage expectation, problem solve and we know that to get a project across the line it is sometimes better to stick it to the rule book, than to stick to it.

We simplify process. Improve productivity, performance and profit. Provide business services in consultancy, new full lifecycle project implementation, project recovery, niche project resources and managed services.

Our close-knit team of in-house consultants are recruited from across the globe with international and FTSE 100 experience, and we continually reinvest in our knowledge and expertise. As a result – very few consultants know Microsoft Dynamics like we do.

Meet our full team below…

Our Team of Experts

Adam Seaton

Chief Executive Officer Read Bio
Finance, projects and inventory costing

Dynamics 365 unifies business – from data to people to processes – with modern, intelligent business applications that adapt to your changing needs.

As the managing director of a Microsoft Gold Partner, a former end-user and a finance consultant with over 20 years’ experience, I love challenging our team and our customers to make IT work for them.

Since 2011, I have been fortunate enough to build a team of talented developers, consultants, project managers and back office staff, who are passionate about delivering business improvements, implementing lean processes and empowering the end user.

If you have a business challenge which you think Microsoft Dynamics 365 could solve, I would love to discuss this further with you.

Andrew Clift

Digital Innovation Director Read Bio
Integrations, development and architecture

From a very young age I have loved computers. My earliest technology memories are of coding on a Spectrum and Commodore, then praying it would save to cassette.

When higher education called it seemed a natural choice to pair business and software development.

It was this combination, along with my love of challenges and ability to absorb new concepts and ideas that led to me starting my career as a developer specialising in ERP systems integration in 2001.

The path I have travelled has given me experience of all aspects of the software lifecycle and added many parts of the Microsoft technology stack to my armoury.

These skills enable me to tackle and resolve complex software and technical issues, deliver result and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Nicola Garrett

Chief Commercial Officer Read Bio

I’ve have had a mixture of experience over the last 20 years but they have all had a common theme; analysing what is right to help achieve great outcomes.

Always in technology companies, I started life as a business analyst which evolved to project management and then departmental management.

I first worked with Adam back in 2004. It was Axapta 4.0 then and the advancement has been phenomenal! I have also been on the customer side. It really helped me to understand business and an implementation from a different perspective, which is an invaluable insight talking to companies now.

I love my role, a good mixture of finding out what people need and working out how best we can help them.

Sara Bliss

Chief Operating Officer Read Bio
Organising the troops; yours and ours

It is hard for me to print that I have over 30 years’ business experience working in both independent and blue chip companies, because I am surely not that old.

Most of these years have been working on business improvement and implementing lean processes. Sharing the full project goal and coaching staff on the benefits of being part of the team is what I enjoy. After working as part of a large Dynamics AX implementation team and qualifying in PRINCE 2, I followed my strengths and moved into Project Management. It was a good call, I love it.

Simon Langdown

Chief Finance Officer Read Bio
Finance, Projects and Treasurer (IAMCP)

To use discipline to focus actions, thoughts and behaviours so that we can unlock everyone’s potential, allowing recognition and success for all.

For three decades now, I have worked in financial roles in many types of service industries. Much of this time has been in a role that has provided leadership and coordination of accounting and business planning processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business support functions. In my more recent past at Seaton Partners I have used this experience to help our customers and employees to find direction and solutions to empower them to achieve their full potential.

I am a keen ambassador of strategic thinking and employee engagement. You can see my “WHY” statement in the headline of this section. Within our company my Finance and Legal team have entered several initiatives to make our business culture as diverse, empowered and engaged as possible.

Recently, I was nominated as Treasurer for the IAMCP (UK). I am very proud to be sat on the Board of this organisation to support with it’s mission to help partners leverage their strengths and deliver world class solutions. The IAMCP’s cause aligns closely to why I do what I do, in business and life – we collaborate and support one another to build relationships that achieve success.

Gemma Thornley

People Director Read Bio

With many years of HR experience working within large organisations, I was keen to take a new career path, to work as part of a smaller organisation where I could make a difference by advising and guiding individuals on a local level.  It was also appealing to support an expanding business and grow with them.  The opportunity within Seaton Partners covers all of this and more, enabling me to work on a part time basis and also spend valuable time with my daughter.

I was first introduced to Microsoft Dynamics upon joining the business and have since supported the implementation of the Talent module in-house.  We now use Microsoft Talent as our HR system and soon will be adding more advanced ‘Attract’ and ‘On boarding’ functions to make the tool an all-round People Management System.  This is very new and exciting and a totally different system to those I’ve used in the past, but one I very much like and am keen to learn more in the future.


Stephen Wong

Application Consultant (Team Lead) Read Bio
Finance, projects and Talent

After finishing my BEng Mechanical Engineering, I delved into the world of ERP systems by completing a MSc Enterprise Systems Management.  My first exposure in the world of Dynamics was being part of a global roll-out team for a Dynamics 2009 project. After jumping the fence to consultancy I have really broadened my exposure to new working practices in different industries, ranging from manufacturing to media industries. Even though my working time has been short my overall knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX and how best to use it has grown immensely across the system but especially within projects and financials.

Being a driven individual I am always eager to look for the next challenge.  New technologies and the cloud world mean the learning curve continues to be steep, but I thrive knowing that I am able to help make a difference to individuals and businesses during our projects.

Peter Hao

Professional Services Director Read Bio
Logistics, production and business intelligence

Over the decade, I have been working with Dynamics AX in various versions from AX4 to Dynamics 365, as a user and a consultant.  I have gained experience in business processes, logistics, production and business intelligence during my 10 full lifecycle global implementations as well as many recovery and support projects, across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. I am also very interested in the new technologies such as cloud and mobile applications.

I am so glad that we have great products and technology to work with nowadays, but I truly believe good understanding of the business requirements, good change management and communications are the critical factors for successful ERP projects.

I am enjoying what I do because I am willing to provide solutions to make business improvements and also make people’s life easier.

Kendall Langdown

Project Manager Read Bio

With a few years of procurement and logistics experience behind me it was a natural choice when joining the Seaton Partners team to assist with PMO support.  I ensure that all the back-office work is carried out so our front line team are free focus on your project.

After being introduced to AX as a user back in 2012 I have expanded my knowledge base across multiple modules. This has given me an understanding to the importance of correct information and following best practice process.  After all, we use the software ourselves and we like to walk-the-walk.

Maciej Obojski

Senior Developer (Team Lead) Read Bio
Complex development and integrations

When the technology decides to ruin your day again, then I hope I’m your man.  Stands sentinel ensuring code quality, whilst still having a lot of fun writing the code. And don’t forget the beard. Professionally deep in Dynamics world for past 10 years and counting.  I’ve tried to dig into every single aspect of the software ensuring that delivered code gets the job done with sterling accuracy.

I embrace the cloud technology, but ensure we don’t forget the roots: strong .NET background and AX experience ranging back to version 3.0.  Such skillset allows smooth transition of your business into new technologies. Not a fan of data migration, but apparently I’m quite good at it.

Guitar player, sailor, hiker and pretty decent cook in my free time, complete with Eastern European accent and British sense of humour.

Jon Tanner

Pre-sales Consultant Read Bio
Operations, logistics and CRM

My Microsoft Dynamics AX journey began back in 2008 working as an end user of AX4. My exposure to the product was broadened greatly by being part of a huge implementation of AX2009 for a multi-national company.  Working closely with employees from all ranks of business, from senior management to shop floor I was able to listen, understand requirements and challenges, and assist in providing solutions through the ERP.

It was a natural progression into consultancy to share my experiences and help to deliver successful solutions to new customers.

Throughout my career, I have been labelled as a people person, always happy to help.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Pauline Rock

Project Manager Read Bio
Delivering great projects

My professional journey commenced as a Design Engineer with an American engineering consultancy based in London. Over several years the role saw a metamorphosis into a career in Project Management, due to my fascination with how technologies transform businesses.

I have been very privileged to combine my career with a passion for travel. Projects in Europe, USA, The Middle East and India across various industry sectors have provided me with a wealth of international experience and added to my diverse project portfolio. I thoroughly enjoy building relationships at all levels of an organisation, communicating and managing the cultural change during a project lifecycle. Outside of work I also utilise my project management skills to organise fundraising events for various charities.

With ‘Cloud’ and ‘Digital transformation’ front and centre right now, I am delighted to be a Project Manager working with some exciting Microsoft technologies.

Shaun Bland

Application Consultant Read Bio

I began my career working at a large manufacturing company in Leicester whilst studying for my Accounting Technician qualification.  I have been a member of AAT for over 20 years.  In 2009, I started my Microsoft Dynamics journey when I joined as the Finance Manager for a large retail organisation who were about to embark on a Dynamics AX 2009 multi-channel implementation.  Throughout the life cycle of the implementation I became heavily involved as the Finance key user. It was during this time that I discovered a real interest in the product and enjoyed assisting colleagues with processes, testing and training. Shortly after the company went live with Dynamics AX 2009, it was a natural progression for me to move to a Consultancy role so that I could continue to assist other companies in the same manner.

For the last 9 years, I have been working as a Consultant to help, support and implement across all versions of Dynamics (from AX3 to Dynamics 365). Over this time, I have worked on many large-scale projects, mainly in the food and retail verticals.

I have a broad understanding of the product, but I have a particular focus on the financials and costing areas, specialising in reconciliation work, financial reporting and consolidations.

Yuan Yee Yim

Technical Consultant Read Bio

I started work on dynamics AX 4 and have now progressed through to the latest version of Dynamics 365. I’ve worked with partners and as a technical lead at a large global end user. My skill set is not only limited on AX development but I also enjoy working on performance tuning for complex/large AX environment.

Originally from Malaysia, and more recently working in Hong Kong, I joined Seaton Partners in 2018.  I have the passion for the latest technology and I find Seaton Partners a great opportunity for me to move further my expertise and develop my career with UK and European based clients. I consider myself a good team member for the project, always trying to suggest and provide a better way to handle the business processes from a technical point of view.

I look forward to providing stable, great performance solution for you based on my professional knowledge on this area. Client system stability and performance are always the priority for me.

Hayley Small

Application Consultant Read Bio
Logistics, production & Talent

When asked about what career path I’d like to go down upon leaving school, I couldn’t give an answer. I knew higher education wasn’t for me, but the previous seven years of intense learning and hard work had been so ingrained into my routine that I ended up going to work for, perhaps oddly, a multi-national aerospace company. It was the best thing I could have done.

After three years experience within logistics and production teams, I joined the internal team involved with implementing AX2012. My Super User role touched all areas of the business; taking the lead in completing process guides, testing processes and development, providing the introductory training to all end users, and as the first point of call when it came to support. Finally, I knew which path I wanted to take.

Now, after 14 months travelling around the world, I have begun my career as an Application Consultant.  Within my first month, I have been one-half of a team that successfully implemented Dynamics 365 for Talent. I am excited to delve deeper into the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Talent and find out where my speciality lies. But for now, I’m keeping my learning broad and soaking up everything I can about the Dynamics community.


Nicola Longshaw

Management Accountant Read Bio

I currently have 12 years experience working within accounts and I have mainly worked for medium sized businesses, dealing in property management. Recently, my family and I moved back to Derbyshire from Oxfordshire, where I have spent the last 12 years. The role of Assistant Accountant within Seaton Partners attracted me due to the wide variety of tasks I deal with on a day-to-day basis, along with the opportunity to work closely with the Finance Director.

This is the first time I’ve been introduced to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and I am impressed. I feel the system is really user-friendly and adaptable, especially in finance functions. I look forward to growing my knowledge and expertise within the system over the coming months.

Nicholas Trumper

Application Consultant Read Bio

Paolo Nanni

Technical Support Analyst Read Bio

Mathematics has been my favourite subject since childhood. This passion brought me to study mathematical engineering in Italy and I completed my education with a MSc in Applied Mathematics at Bath University. As Maths and IT go hand in hand, I have always loved coding, starting from C, Java and R to finally X++. Having a logical analytical mind, it’s vital for me to provide a stable and unbreakable solution that best satisfies customer’s requirements.

I started working as an AX developer on version 2009 and 2012 for a MS partner in Milan, tackling various types of business cases. I moved back to the UK to work on AX for an end user. This experience has given me the chance to look at IT issues from the customer perspective. Seaton Partners is a great opportunity for me to develop and I look forward to sharing what I have learnt so far and broadening my expertise.

I love good food and cooking for my friends (Italian recipes of course!) plus skiing and cycling in my free time. I’m also a self-confessed coffee addict.

Amy Towell

Apprentice Office Administrator Read Bio

Technology is an interest of mine and this reflects in the time spent studying media during school and post-secondary education. The curriculum has allowed me to explore and then apply knowledge on different software solutions and apps. I’ve always known that I want a career in business technology and I’m excited to be embarking on my second apprenticeship qualification.

Before joining Seaton Partners, I’d had no exposure to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a software solution and the experience so far has made me realise how beneficial the platform can be for business strategy. It’s easy to use and helps to keep workflow straightforward. I’m really looking forward to seeing what my time working for Seaton Partners holds and the doors that open up for me during and upon completion of my qualification.

Martijn van der Steen

Head of Managed Services Read Bio

I firmly believe that excellent Customer Service is the basis for sustainable growth in any business.


Early on in my career in the Netherlands I specialised in designing, building and managing Customer Service departments.  After moving to the United Kingdom in 2011 it was only logical to continue the same but focusing on the UK and international market.


Over the past 8 years I have worked with many different industries and nationalities which has only grown my passion for stellar Customer Service.


It’s incredibly motivating and enjoyable to work for a company that “gets it” and to be able to work with such driven and professional colleagues as we have here at Seaton Partners.

Jim Little

Application Consultant (Team Lead) Read Bio

Over the last 10 years, I have held a variety of different roles within several successful multi-national ERP implementations including finance functional consultant, finance lead, and program management on the customer side. I have led ERP implementation teams through projects that have delivered many profit enhancing initiatives. It was a proud moment to see project team members being short-listed for UK-wide Change Ambassador Awards.

The experience of being on both sides of an implementation project has allowed for comprehensive insight, an understanding of the challenges faced by both parties during these digital transformations, and the foresight into how to manage potential risk.

I’m driven by attention to detail, investigating and understanding the root cause of issues before translating this from finance into business and communicating these across organisations in partnership with our customers.

Working at Seaton Partners is brilliant. I’m a self-declared sports fanatic so being part of a team with such great ethics and the drive to deliver high quality solutions is fantastic – we are a committed bunch who are determined to find the best solutions that benefit our customers to make their life easier.

Sharon Alphonso

Application Support Analyst Read Bio

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to work on multiple ERPs giving me a good understanding of business modules. Having been a part of number of full life cycle implementations and working extensively alongside a wide range of end users, ranging from functional to management roles, I have gained an understanding of business requirements and provide efficient solutions.

My projects have included implementing ERP solutions to a wide range of manufacturing industries ranging from UK Aerospace, laboratory equipment and Fluid technology etc. I have worked with service management and other add on applications that provide solutions to all business areas.

My current role in Managed Services is exciting and challenging as we at Seaton’s provide end to end support to a wide range of customers. My new role in the managed services team is giving me exposure across Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules and strengthening my experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365.The team here at Seaton Partners are super supportive and deeply knowledgeable and I am having a great time sharing and building my experience with them.

Anil Tank

Application Consultant Read Bio
Application Support Consultant

I have always been surrounded with the latest technologies and as a recent graduate with a degree focused in Business and Economics, I was ready to start my career journey.


I began to work as a software testing consultant with a large regulatory body, which was in the process of implementing the Customer Service and Finance and Operations applications from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite. This exposed me to a vast amount of finance processes and allowed me to work alongside key stakeholders, to help resolve and identify any issues prior to go-live.


The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite is extremely adaptable to the wide-ranging business functions adopted by our clients. I look forward to delving deeper into the different areas which I have not yet explored, whilst being a friendly and approachable person which our clients can look towards if they come across any issues.


I have been fortunate enough to travel to over sixteen different countries, where I love to explore new cultures and foods whilst meeting new people, a trait which I carry forward in everyday life. I’m a team player and will always go that extra mile. I’m also a bit of a car fanatic… don’t get me started.

Liza McBain

Project Manager Read Bio

Much of my career has been spent in the hospitality sector, working for large corporates and managing teams of up to 55 employees on a one-to-one basis.

Over my 30-year career, having the ability to connect with people has seen me being awarded as Management Trainee of the Year, before becoming an award-winning Manager securing the Customer Service of the Year Award.

Throughout this time, Microsoft has been part of the business so moving to Project Manager at Seaton Partners has felt like a natural career progression. My skillset of being able to visualise an end goal and then support people so that they have their own vision of the goal has already come into play.

I really do care whether someone’s day is going well, and if I can improve it then I will. And, being able to improve people’s lives through strong project management, empathy, and the implementation of intelligent business applications is one of my favourite aspects of the job.

Teamwork is at the heart of all I do, and I truly believe that when you unite people together then goals are achieved, individuals are empowered, and businesses thrive. I love to walk the walk and lead by example so it is a joy to be part of a forward-thinking company with a dynamic team, full of diverse and talented individuals who share my values.

Danielle Barnsley

Sales Co-ordinator Read Bio

Sanjiv Bansal

Sales Consultant Read Bio

Lewis Pettigrew

Managed Services Apprentice Read Bio

When I left school, I knew I wanted to go into something with some technical skill. While in school I studied a computer science GCSE course and found it extremely interesting and it really made me fall in love with technology. When I found out about Managed Services, I instantly knew that was the role I was looking for as it incorporates both tech and social skills in one job.

I have been at Seaton Partners for a few months now and have been able to see so much in such a short amount of time. I left school and three weeks later I had an apprenticeship, this was a very quick transition but since joining I have had a great learning experience, meeting new people and experiencing new things. Being the youngest in the company, I still have so much to learn and I can’t wait.

Before I joined Seaton Partners, I had no exposure to Dynamics 365 but since then I have used it almost every day and would recommend it to anyone.

Chris Roper

Application Support Analyst Read Bio

I was first exposed to Microsoft Dynamics when I worked within a software testing team at a large regulatory body. Here, I was selected to learn and test finance processes from a UAT perspective, working alongside key stakeholders. From then it was a natural progression for me to move into the application support analyst role to share my experiences and assist other users. This experience of being on both sides of a project has allowed me to develop an understanding of the challenges faced by both parties during digital transformation.

I look forward to continuing this journey, working in close knit, hardworking teams, on varied projects, providing fast and accurate support, whilst growing my knowledge and expertise of the system.

Tim Bushby

Azure/PowerPlatform Developer Read Bio

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k was responsible I’m sure for igniting the spark of interest in many developers similar in age to me. I was late to the party and had the less fondly remembered plastic key version as opposed to rubber, but like most other people my ‘programming’ was limited to copying – inaccurately – hundreds of code lines from magazines which would generally then never work.

Fast forward to 2003 and armed with a degree in computer science, I’ve since enjoyed being part of a wide range of successful IT projects usually with either a data specialist or full stack .NET developer hat on. As the industry continues to embrace the adoption of cloud technology, it is truly an exciting time to be involved.

I worked alongside the Seaton team, providing the integration glue on a Dynamics 365 rollout for 18 months before coming aboard, and the emphasis on team work and shared vision was apparent from the outset. I’m very fortunate to have joined such a close knit team.

Away from the tech, I enjoy spending time with my wife, 2 children, Barry our golden retriever and a series of ill-advised old car purchases.

Andrei-Sorin Tanase

Dynamics 365 Developer Read Bio

Loaded with a lot of ambition and a wealth of knowledge acquired after graduating with a degree in IT from university, I stepped into Microsoft Dynamics AX world working as an Intern Developer for a Romanian company in 2015.

My passion for technology, the hard work and the complexity of the completed tasks during my career were just some of the qualities that brought me the opportunity to work in the UK, with a team of professionals at Seaton Partners.

I describe myself as a positive person with a ‘can do’ attitude that tries to improve his knowledge in order to deliver high quality code. I enjoy travelling, watching TV series, experimenting with new things, and most of my free time is spent with my family.

Manpreet Ragi

BI and Reporting Consultant Read Bio

My journey into the world of I.T. began at an early age. I recall buying my first computer (a Commodore 64) and attempting to develop my own applications using basic programming. 


Having graduated in 2001, my interest in development took a more focused path towards databases and reporting and I spent many years working in the pharmaceutical industry building these skills as well as professional relationships.  The working industry has had a big impact on me personally and professionally as I found my interest soon turned to passion – the passion to deliver something which has a direct benefit to someone. 


In 2012, I moved to the print industry, where I was able to grow further and utilise my skillset to provide tangible benefit.  I realised that we have customers all around us, whether that’s internal or external and I strive to provide solutions for them and help them along their journey.  In parallel, I believe in openness, transparency, positivity and an ethical work conduct, which is the most rewarding part of my journey. 


At this point in my career, I consider myself very lucky to be part of the team at Seaton Partners and I’m looking forward to growing with this business and delivering world class solutions for our customers, through the cutting-edge technology we embrace. 

Nigel Martindale

Supply Chain Consultant Read Bio

Having held several management roles within the FMCG operations area, I began my Dynamics 365 journey through AX 2009 and AX 2012, 8 years ago. I have experience of significant implementations, and code drops as an end user. As an applications consultant, I have a particular interest in supply chain, manufacturing and master planning.

I am passionate about supporting customers in getting the most benefit out of their digital transformation. Having experienced implementations as an end user, and as a member of the project team, I believe this gives me a clear insight and empathy into the challenges customers face. By really understanding their processes and change journey, we can provide the best solution, and support their users through effective training and testing, giving them confidence and helping them deliver an effective and safe implementation.

Seaton Partners’ “employee first” value, is all about supporting the whole team, delivering the best solution and experience for the customer, and working for a business so focused on living its values and delivering for its customers is a real privilege.

Time outside of work is taken up with our 5-year-old twins, and all the fun and exploration that brings!

Teodora Papazova

Application Consultant Read Bio

I have always been interested in business function so after completing my MSc, I joined the HR and Marketing department in a company that provided professional services.

Fortunately for me, the company was implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resources (previously known as Talent) and from a supporting role, I grew to be the main driver for the system implementation. I found the whole experience very professionally satisfying so after the end of the implementation I moved to Seaton Partners to support other businesses improve with the help of Dynamics 365.

I am very excited to have joined the fantastic team at Seaton Partners and I am looking forward to providing solutions for our customers through teamwork and ERP.

Jyoti Malkan

Application Support Analyst Read Bio

After completing a BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance, I quickly realised that I wanted to retain some of that knowledge, but also combine it with something more technologically advanced.

That is when the perfect opportunity came my way, and my journey began in 2014 working for a Microsoft Partner. I have had the opportunity to work on a few projects to be able to see and experience the full end to end implementation cycle. My knowledge spans across a few of the financial modules in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, and parts of the supply chain process.

Shortly after, I decided to make the move to Managed Services, where I have been working since 2017. This is a challenging opportunity, as every day is a different day in Managed Services, which certainly helps broaden my knowledge and troubleshooting techniques. I am excited to see what the future holds at Seaton Partner’s, and working with a very supportive bunch of people.

Rajan Sidhu

Application Support Analyst Read Bio

Olivia Hodgkiss

Application Consultant Read Bio
I love Mondays

When school finished, I knew that employment was the right path for me, so I immediately applied for a wide range of jobs, one of which set me on the path to a career in finance and technology.

My first role was an Accounts Assistant before moving onto a Business Line Applications and Inbound Manager role in a large Finance Service Centre, overseeing ten team leads. I enjoyed implementing new solutions, improvements to technology and streamlining business process. One task that I enjoyed is creating a new team for business transformation.

My next role was a D365 Test Consultant before quickly moving to D365 Functional Consultant, and then to a D365 Senior Consultant for the Accounts payable workstream where I defined scope and requirements by working closely with the customers.

Throughout my career I have gained experience in Dynamics 365, AX2012 and AX2009 implementations. As well as experience in software delivery for: Maximo, Ultrasys, Saffron and Connect.

I have also been fortunate to be recognised for the ‘Rising Star of the Year 2016’, 4 Vision and Value Awards and 8 internal employee awards.

My main hobbies are drawing, spending time with family and friends and running.

Jasmin Bhangu

Application Consultant Read Bio

Isabela Branescu

Application Support Analyst Read Bio

Shujaath Moghal

Read Bio

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