D365 and Augment Reality: Improve the Customer Journey and Sales Process

To showcase how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite and augmented reality can create brilliant solutions, Seaton Partners hosted a demo for customers during our recent and first Microsoft Dynamics Summit.

The demo highlighted how suppliers can implement augmented reality to improve customer experience, improve process and save time, and follows the customer journey from online order to completion, finished with automated business processes and actionable strategic insight.


Online Order

The D365 suite allows for low code and through the creation of a Power Portal website, you can offer a self-service customer experience with a Power Virtual Agent prompting the customer with questions about their requirements and answering their FAQs.





The information collected by the Power Virtual Agent is transferred automatically to the Power Model Sales App (CRM), creating a lead with all details pre-populated before being assigned to an employee/agent for site inspection



Site Inspection

A Power Canvas APP is utilised on-site to allow the agent to update details directly to the Power Model Sales App (CRM). The agent can also use Product Visualise, an augmented reality tool which allows the customer to see the product immediately in-situ and make notes on positioning and changes which can be seen back in Power Model Sales App (CRM)  




Order Confirmation

After the customer has requested a quote, back at the office, this is picked up and using standard Sales functionality a Quote is raised from the Opportunity. This is sent out to the customer for confirmation and if successful is converted into an Order. Dual Write integration with Finance / Supply Chain (Formally F&O) creates a Sales Order for further processing.

Power Automate is used to support process automation and integration.



If you would like to find out more about utilising D365 and Augmented Reality in your sales process then please reach out to the team today.