Microsoft Inspire Conference

The annual Microsoft Inspire Conference opens many opportunities for partners to gather new information, gain knowledge in upcoming sectors and make connections with fellow members. Representing Seaton Partners earlier this year in July was Adam, Sara and Simon, who spent a busy three days in the sunny Las Vegas where they listened to the wide range of Microsoft news and announcements.

The focus on day one was surrounding the vast scale of partnerships that Microsoft have and there was an emphasis on how grateful they are for this as it aids them to expand their ideas and bring people together through the form of technology. There was also mention of global manufacturing enterprise Unilever and how much Microsoft applications help them in their digital transformation and supply chain.

Day two brought light on all the existing connections prior and new connections created at the conference, with a bold reference of the Hub and how it encouraged partners to interact with each other. There was also a special mention of the Women in Technology stand and the word ‘inspire’ was reinforced on countless occasions.

The final day was very much focused on Microsoft bringing people together and the impact their technology has on our daily lives and how this will only grow, with the ongoing mention of the future and how Microsoft will undeniably be a part of that, which is strongly supported by the various showcases of mixed reality throughout different corenotes across the three-day period.

Below are some of the corenotes from the event that we think are very worthwhile to view:

I-CN01 with Gavriella Schuster, in particular the Unliver case study, which discusses big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) deployed and in practice.

IR-CN03 with Satya Nadella, which goes into fine detail about augmented reality and artificial intelligence and how they will shape the future of technology. A highlight for us is at 0:52:00 where Autoglass citizen developer installation engineer and driver becomes PowerApp champion.