Sara Bliss Appointed to the Board of The WIT Network UK

Sara Bliss Projects Director Nominated on WIT Board

Sara Bliss, projects director has been nominated on to The WIT Network UK board. A global not-for-profit organisation focused on addressing the gender imbalance that exists in the industry.

According to government data, as of 2019, there are now over a million women in core-STEM – representing an increase of over 350,000 in the last ten years. Yet the proportion of tech roles filled by women has flat lined at 16% since 20091.

The quit rate in technology is also more than twice as high for women (47%) than it is for men (17%)2.

And, despite a burgeoning number of interventions that aim to shed light on, and address gender disparity in the boardroom, the proportion of men and women being appointed directors of tech companies in the UK has remained almost the same since 20003.

The statistics are clear and when presented cumulatively the gap is widening, yet research shows that girls are outperforming boys in most STEM subjects at GCSE, including ICT and computing, so why do we have such a low uptake in tech4.

At Seaton Partners, 35 per cent of the team are women and hold positions on the board of directors, across senior and project management, consultancy, HR and finance, marketing and apprentices, and we constantly question how we can ensure equality, diversity and inclusion are achieved.

We do not claim to have the solution to equality in the tech sector, but we do believe that female role models matter, and one person can make a difference, and everyone should try – and Sara Bliss is leading the way for us all.

“Our values are important, we are a diverse, employee focused, empowered team, and we believe that women and girls being underrepresented in technology puts a detrimental brake on progress towards sustainable development. So, to be nominated onto The WIT Network UK board is not only a privilege but an opportunity to work as a collective to create an impact on our sector. We have extended the invitation to The WIT Network to the entire team – we want every woman in the Seaton Partners to feel empowered to make a difference”, comments Sara Bliss, projects director.

“We are delighted to welcome the talented and experienced Sara Bliss to The WIT Network UK board and wholeheartedly welcome her guidance, input and insights.  We are extremely keen on continuing to attract people of Sara’s calibre and are very grateful for the support of such an innovative and forward-thinking organisation like Seaton Partners”, Julie Simpson, co-founder and executive director of The WIT Network.

If you would like to find out more about The WIT Network UK or would more information on how to join, contact Sara Bliss.