Say a simple, thank you

Today marks International Men’s Day, a worldwide celebration of the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. A day to highlight positive role models and raise awareness of men’s well-being.

At Seaton Partners we make a conscious choice to be employee first. We believe that happy employees, make for happy customers. It is part of our culture to be team and family first. We realise we are all flawed human beings. Life is a wiggly line. And as Katy Leeson said, in her viral post recently, “The absence of sleep, a good diet, exercise, relaxation, and time with friends and family isn’t something to be applauded. Too many people wear their burnout as a badge of honour. And it needs to change”.

This year, the impact of Coronavirus has complicated and added to the issues faced by men and the need for support networks, positive role models and breaking down stigmas, is as important as ever.

This year at Seaton Partners, we’re encouraging the team to reach out to one another, share advice on how their coping and to share a simple – thank you.  

Why not take the time today to share a thank you with a man in your life who has had an impact – it may well make their day.