Seaton Partners Conference 2019: Key, Tone and Rhythm

The Seaton Partners Conference 2019 was a hive of creativity, music, workshops and presentations with the team pulling together at the new head office to share, collaborate and spend some quality time together as a collective.  

The sessions kicked off with managing director, Adam Seaton and finance director, Simon Langdown, doing their own version of Carpool Karaoke, discussing some of the highlights from the current business plan and reflecting on historical stories with featured tracks from Hot Chocolate, Queen, and an unforgettable rendition of Boom! Shake the Room from DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince.  

Sessions from consultancy director, Peter Hao were based on the Microsoft Business Applications Solutions Ecosystems, including: Dynamics 365 Power Platform, Azure, Common Data Service and Office 365, and the customer’s digital transformation journey utilising the solutions.  

Insights were top of the agenda for HR manager, Gemma Thornley with an interactive session around our ‘true colours’ and what our personality types mean for our clients and each other.

Andrew Clift, technical director outlined new features in Microsoft Teams so Seaton Partners and our clients can leverage the application to bring maximum efficiency and improve our daily work lives – highlighting how it is more than a chat and file storage application. Alongside, hints and tips for quick wins, the importance of security and the great new features on the horizon in Microsoft’s wave 2 release.  

From Customer Engagement (CE) to Finance and Operation (F&O) with love and back, heard Maciej and David discuss how even though Brexit may be preventing MPs getting along, common data services (CDS) are bringing us closer together with new data integration options available in Dynamic 365. The way F&O can now talk to the world also sparked new ideas for what is possible for F&O operations 

A background of CE and the use of Azure DevOps followed. Plus, the announcement that OneVersion has now landed, why Microsoft has made the shift and what this means for environment planning and management going forwards.  


It wasn’t all work though as the team headed into Nottingham for an evening of teppanyaki and a beverage or two together.  







If you’d like to discuss any of the points outlined, then please do feel free to contact a member of our team today