Sara Bliss, Projects Director at Seaton Partners, Nominated for The WIT Network, Pathfinders: Women Lighting the Way Through Crisis

Sara Bliss, projects director at Seaton Partners has been nominated by Kate Wood, Culture as a Service for The WIT Network Pathfinders: Women Lighting the Way Through Crisis, in recognition for her ability to empower women in mentoring circles.

Setup in 2018, The WIT Network is now in over 40 countries with 3,500 global members of professional men and women who: encourage women and girls to study STEM and pursue careers in the technology sector; enable more women to attain leadership positions and career advancement; support more female entrepreneurs to start and develop profitable businesses.

As a partner to Microsoft UK, and a signatory of the Partnership Pledge, we share Microsoft’s global vision to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

In the opening statement to the Partnership Pledge, Microsoft comments: “Like others, we share the view that the UK is facing a skills crisis. We do not have enough people entering the workforce with the right technical and digital skills, and furthermore, we need more diversity among those who are building our future. While this issue is much broader than gender alone, we are passionate about encouraging more girls and young women to consider a career in the technology industry”.

At Seaton Partners, 35 per cent of the team are women and Sara Bliss, Projects Director at Seaton Partners is a member of The WIT Network UK board. A global not-for-profit organisation focused on addressing the gender imbalance that exists in the industry.

An advocate for diversity and women in tech, on appointment to the board earlier this year, Sara commented: “Our values are important, we are a diverse, employee focused, empowered team, and we believe that women and girls being underrepresented in technology puts a detrimental brake on progress towards sustainable development…we want every woman in the Seaton Partners to feel empowered to make a difference”.

Kate Wood, comments: “You meet a lot of people in business but rarely anyone who makes you feel like Sara Bliss does. Sara exudes a warmth during our mentor circles (not easily achievable on video meetings) ensuring everyone feels included, allowing our members to ask for and share advice in an open and honest way. I always come away from my meetings with Sara feeling just that little bit braver. In 2020 especially, it’s these moments of feeling supported by a wider network that mean the most and for that I nominated Sara and am really proud to sit on the WIT Network board alongside her”. 

Sara Bliss, continues: “The WIT Network community is made up of incredible women, who are all talented and committed to creating change, so to be nominated by Kate and recognised by the network is a privilege. There’s a real need for representation, female leadership and mentorship in tech, as statistics show that the proportion of tech roles filled by women has flat lined at 16% since 2019, with the quit rate twice as high as men. Women should be supported in their roles, and women and girls should want to, and be able to, thrive in the tech sector.”

If you would like to find out more about The WIT Network UK or would more information on how to join, contact Sara Bliss.