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As a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner, we live, breathe and sleep Microsoft Dynamics AX & Microsoft Dynamics 365. Along with supporting products and architecture, it’s all we do.

All of the team members have a proven track record of helping companies realise ambitious project expectations. So if Microsoft Dynamics 365 has made it onto your short list, come and explore your ideas with our delivery team.



What is Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formally called Microsoft Dynamics AX / CRM) is a comprehensive business management solution for SME and larger enterprise organisations.  It incorporates three key elements; ERP in the Finance and Operations app’; CRM via the Customer Engagement apps’; and Human Resource Management, in the Talent app’.

On November 1, 2016, Microsoft rebranded the ‘AX’ name under the new Dynamics 365 brand (see our news blog for detail).  Dynamics 365 works like, and integrates with, familiar Microsoft software, to help your people improve their productivity. The solution makes it easy to conduct business across different locations and countries by consolidating and standardising processes, providing visibility across your organisation, and simplifying compliance.

For full product details, fact sheets, videos and content, please visit the Microsoft Dynamics 365 site


Why do we work with Dynamics 365?

We are fans. We think it’s a great product. And in its latest release there are even more great features for our customers to use. We also walk-the-walk, using the full suite of tools internally to run our own business.

How do we deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365?

We place a high value on project management and project governance and use the Microsoft SureStep methodology to deploy our projects.  It is a proven methodology, providing a set of tools and templates, designed specifically for deploying the Dynamics family of products.  SureStep helps us to help our customers manage the tasks, risks, schedule, budget, and expectations of complex and challenging projects.

What can we do for you?

Let’s be honest; if everyone stuck rigidly to the rulebook, we’d never see a project over the line.  We are ultimately pragmatic and honest about what can be achieved within the clients’ framework of requirements, time and budget. That way, you see things delivered, not delayed.  Unconventional maybe, but our case studies and customers will attest to our method and style.

Our sales team is a little unusual too – we don’t have one.  Sales is essentially done by consultants who spend most of their time on projects, not selling.  They will give you an honest assessment of how the solution fits your business, and perhaps more importantly, help you to identify where it does not fit; and what we can do to fill that gap.

We go out of our way to ensure that your expectations are realistically set, and that together we have a clear plan and vision about what your project will deliver in return.

New Projects - SUCCESS STORY

Success Story

Romax InSight

On February 14, 2017, one of the world’s leading lubricant brands announced the creation of a joint venture with Romax Technology’s InSight business. a pioneer in predictive maintenance solutions....

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