Project Recovery

We have proven experience in re-energising stalled projects and turning around those that have managed to go live but are experiencing daily issues.

If your Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 solution is not doing what it says on the tin, we may be able to help.  Understand how, in 90 seconds!



You are not alone

It is unfortunate that we hear so many stories about projects that have not met the expectations of the customer. A large part of what we do is hearing those stories, and putting together a strategy to help turn those projects around.

Some of the sentiments that we hear include:

  • Reporting and business intelligence bottlenecks or “I just can’t seem to get the same depth of analysis that I had before
  • Data integrity problems, or “I just don’t trust the data we are getting
  • Ledgers and sub-ledger that don’t reconcile, or “Production and Project WIP postings are so complicated that my users don’t know where to start the audit trail
  • Incomplete processes that don’t gel, or “My AP is fine if it matches, but when it doesn’t the process is not clear and I have a huge payables backlog since go live
  • Disgruntled users, or “We have taken a step backwards, not forwards

If some of those sound familiar or you have a few of your own, then our experienced team can assist in the transition and recovery process. We have proven experience in re-energising stalled projects, and turning around those that have managed to go live but are experiencing daily issues.

Why do projects stall?

Well, we could write a book on it, but everyone seems to have an opinion on this. Whatever the cause, and seemingly despite everyone’s best endeavours, some projects do stall. Some fail completely. Some get across the line but then unravel. Some just never get to the line.

The causes are many and complex. And it is exactly because there is no single cause, that there is no single answer. True, we see some repetitive signs, but the point is that when we turn up on site, we must have a completely open mind about what the problem and the solution may be. Every site is different and presents its own challenges. If you pin us down, I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to highlight that more often than not there is a deal of politics and personality involved. The software – quite often – is just fine. When the challenges are software related, we would perhaps site either well meaning but over-ambitious development, or a miss-alignment of the customers expectations about what is possible.

All that just adds up to summarise that we are open, understanding, and experienced in identifying and balancing these complex elements. We can help you unblock whatever it is that is causing your project problems. We promise no magic wand, but we will promise an honest and pragmatic view with a clear strategy for correction.

We hope your project is flying. If not, let’s see how we can help.

Project Recovery - SUCCESS STORY

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